San Angelo Sessions

General Session Descriptions

The CORE FACTS of Christian Defense
Braxton Hunter

In this time together, Braxton will lay out some of the most well-known arguments for the existence of the Christian God in a way that is understandable and easy to remember. Not only will you get the arguments and evidences, but you’ll also learn a simple phrase that will allow you to recall those arguments for those moments when tough conversations arise.

Confident Faith: 20 Arrows of Truth
Mark Mittelberg

In this sweeping talk, Mark Mittelberg builds a cumulative case for our faith, showing how facts of science, philosophy, history, archaeology, evidence related to the Bible, and religious experience all point to the truth of Christianity. You’ll leave feeling more assured about what you believe, and more ready to share the reasons backing up your beliefs with others.

Workshop Session Descriptions

Assessing the Pathways to Faith
(Workshops 1 and 2)
Mark Mittelberg

Before we talk to our friends about what they believe, it helps to know why they believe it. How did they get there, and was that a trustworthy path? This intriguing discussion will help us get at the thinking behind our friends’ beliefs, and it will help us know how to better guide them onto a trustworthy pathway to Truth.

Fight the Fear: Learning to Love Our Muslim Neighbors
(Workshops 1, 2, and 3)
Rani Espanioly

Islam is one of the fastest growing world religions, with over 3 million Muslims in America alone. Radical Islam dominates much of our national news with acts of violence and calls for destruction. What are Christians to do in the face of such a blatant threat? Are we willing to love ALL Muslims as Jesus does? How do we fight the fear? In this workshop we will learn how to overcome our natural, fearful responses and focus on the two “I’s” – Intentional and Incarnational living as a means to minister to our Muslim neighbors.

God the Moral Law Giver
(Workshops 1, 2, and 3)
Carlos Francis

Who determines if something is right and wrong? Is it the popular people, the people who are in power; is it based on where you live, or are there too many things to consider when determining what is right and what is wrong? During this session we will make a case for God by showing how morality points us to a loving God who gives a moral compass that cannot be changed or altered by the trends, times, and even the culture of today.

Evangelistic Apologetics
(Workshops 2 and 3)
Braxton Hunter

Should the average Christian know how to have worldview conversations with those who are not yet part of the Christian faith? Are there biblical examples of believers using Christian defense in order to reach others with the gospel message? Can you do it? This talk is aimed at helping anyone who thinks apologetics is just . . . too complicated, or feels they might make serious mistakes that will only hurt the kingdom. Braxton’s goal is that even if you have never heard of Christian apologetics before, you’ll be able to leave this short time together as a confident Evangelistic Apologist!

Spanish Language Tracks
Josué Tapia

  1. Defendiendo tu fe a través de tu estilo de vida
    Defending Your Faith Through Your Lifestyle
  2. ¿Por qué es importante ser miembro de una iglesia local?
    Why is it important to be a member of a local church?
  3. ¿Cómo puedo testificar a aquellos que dicen que son cristianos, pero no lo son?
    How can I witness to those who say they are Christian, but are not?

Korean Language Tracks
Dongsun Cho

  1. 성경을 신뢰할 수 있는 근거는 무엇인가?
    What is the evidence for the trustworthiness of the Bible?
  2. 부활의 타당성과 관련하여 어떤 증거가 있는가?
    What evidence exists for the validity of the resurrection?
  3. 어떻게 기독교만이 천국에 가는 유일한 길인가? 모든 종교가 천국에 이르는 길이 아닌가?
    How can Christianity be the only way to Heaven? Don’t all religions’ lead to the same place?