Granbury Sessions

General Sessions

Evangelistic Apologetics
Braxton Hunter

Should the average Christian know how to have worldview conversations with those who are not yet part of the Christian faith? Are there biblical examples of believers using Christian defense in order to reach others with the gospel message? Can you do it? This talk is aimed at helping anyone who thinks apologetics is just . . . too complicated, or feels they might make serious mistakes that will only hurt the kingdom. Braxton’s goal is that even if you have never heard of Christian apologetics before, you’ll be able to leave this short time together as a confident Evangelistic Apologist!

The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus
Mike Licona

In a world of 10,000 religions, why should others believe Christianity is true? Can we know for certain? Are there any hard-core facts? In this lecture, resurrection expert Michael Licona reveals the best historical evidence for Jesus’ resurrection and shows why we can be confident that Jesus truly rose from the dead.

Does God Get Mad At Me When I Doubt?
Mike Licona

C. S. Lewis was once asked if he ever doubted the truth of his Christian faith. He answered that he had but that he had also doubted his beliefs while he was an atheist. Doubt plagues many. Am I sinning when I doubt? In this lecture, Michael Licona answers these questions and provides some solutions for dealing with personal doubt.

The CORE FACTS of Christian Defense
Braxton Hunter

In this time together, Braxton will lay out some of the most well-known arguments for the existence of the Christian God in a way that is understandable and easy to remember. Not only will you get the arguments and evidences, but you’ll also learn a simple phrase that will allow you to recall those arguments for those moments when tough conversations arise.

Parallel Sessions

Ministering to your Muslim Neighbor!
Rani Espanioly

America’s Muslim population is growing rapidly; there are now estimated to be more than 3 million Muslims in America. We can reach out to them in the love of Christ that overcomes all barriers and builds bridges of compassion by presenting the greatest Hope of all. Are you willing to love ALL Muslims like Jesus does?

God the Moral Law Giver
Carlos Francis

Who determines if something is right and wrong? Is it the popular people, the people who are in power; is it based on where you live, or are there too many things to consider when determining what is right and what is wrong? During this session we will make a case for God by showing how morality points us to a loving God who gives a moral compass that cannot be changed or altered by the trends, times, and even the culture of today.

Evangelism in an Apologetic Church
Sammy Lopez

We live in a culture today where people not only want to know truth, they are also challenging truth. As pastors, ministers and teachers, we have a challenge before us. Can we be effective in evangelism while also using apologetics in our presentation? This class will help give a deeper understanding to this culture’s questions and how we as a church could answer back.

5-Point Calvinism: Is there a better option?
Leighton Flowers

5-Point Calvinism is growing in popularity among Southern Baptists, but there are robust Biblical alternatives to this interpretation which simply have not received the attention they deserve. Dr. Leighton Flowers, a former Calvinist and the Director of Apologetics for Texas Baptists, offers an overview of the issues concerning election and predestination which will give much needed clarity to the doctrines of salvation from a non-Calvinistic Traditional Southern Baptist perspective.