Breakout Speakers & Sessions

Calvinism or Arminianism? Are there other options?

Dr. Leighton Flowers

5-Point Calvinism is growing in popularity among Southern Baptists, but there are robust Biblical alternatives to this interpretation which simply have not received the attention they deserve. Dr. Leighton Flowers, a former Calvinist and the Director of Apologetics for Texas Baptists, offers an overview of the issues concerning election and predestination which will give much needed clarity to the doctrines of salvation from a non-Calvinistic Traditional Southern Baptist perspective.

Is Christianity the White Man’s Religion?

Dr. Tim Fuller

Christianity is the White Man’s religion! This is a popular thought held by those in Black Nationalist movements.

  • How did they derive at this understanding?
  • Are their claims valid?
  • Why do so many people believe their rhetoric?

These questions will be answered in this seminar entitled, “Is Christianity the White Man’s Religion?” After attending this seminar, the attendees will be armed with information to defend Christianity from this erroneous portrayal. They will be able to comprehend why this message has gained so much traction and why it resonates with so many people of color. After answering those questions, attendees will be given a proper understanding of Christianity from a historical, geographical, and anthropological perspective.

There will be discussions on the contributions of African people and other people of color to this religion called Christianity.

Does Gender Matter?

Kurt Bruner

If the children and young people in your church aren’t already confused about sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. they will be soon due to a growing chorus of messages from general media, social media, politicians, religious leaders, television, films and friends. This workshop is designed to help parents and church leaders frame these highly emotional and controversial topics with a balance of grace and truth.

Evangelistic Apologetics

Braxton Hunter

Learn how to incorporate apologetics material into your personal evangelism efforts. Many of our old personal evangelism training materials assume that those to whom we are sharing the gospel already believe in the existence of God, the reality of heaven, and the validity of the resurrection. The cultural climate of the western world, however, has changed! We’ll take two prominent apologetic methodologies and show how they can be used to have fruitful evangelistic conversations. In the end, we’ll all have a better understanding of how to share what often seem like complex issues with a culture that needs Jesus.

Going on the Offensive

Justin Bass

Followers of Jesus of Nazareth must “always be ready to give answer to this who ask them” (1 Peter 3:15), but like the Apostle Paul and the great apologists throughout Church History, we must also go on the offensive with other religions and the unbelieving culture. Jesus’ unparalleled life, miracles, teachings, death and resurrection is the primary weapon God has given us to demolish the strongholds of lies and take every thought captive to Christ.

Part 1: The Unalterable Facts of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

In the first talk, we will look at the Bedrock sources and unalterable facts concerning Jesus’death and resurrection in the early 30s AD.

Part 2: The Indestructible Movement of Christianity

In the second talk, we will look at the rise of this indestructible movement known as Christianity that provides the foundation (and is still dominating) the Western world and continues rising in unexpected places like China and Iran.

Afterward, you will have “the weapons of warfare” (2 Cor 10:4) to go on the offensive with your unbelieving friends and neighbors, confronting them with truth and power of Jesus’ resurrection.

Good News for the Poor

Chris Simmons

Poor people can be among the most vulnerable, especially in religious circles. The prosperity gospel is one example of how the poor are exploited. In this workshop Pastor Simmons will share some genuinely good news for the poor, news that will help them to experience transformed lives without having to chase the file and empty promises of people who are trying to take advantage of them.   

Gospel Bridges and Barriers: Worldview issues for representative cultures

Bryan Galloway

This workshop will address at a worldview level, how to recognize and deal with major worldview issues in representative cultures found in diaspora people groups. Specifically, Bryan Galloway will examine (1) Gospel Bridges—where agreement is realized, (2) Gospel Barriers—where agreement is sought, and (3) Redemptive Analogies—where stories and concepts already present among the people can be “redeemed” for evangelism purposes.

How Science Supports Faith

Allen Hainline

Five lines of evidence revealing the need for a Creator are presented from the foundations of science relating to the origins of the universe, life, consciousness, free will and the exquisite fine-tuning of the laws of nature necessary for life. We also address some sources of tension between science and Christianity such as miracles and claims about evolution – with guidance on thinking through issues.

Immigrants and Refugees

Samira Page

How non-profit organizations, including churches, reach out to refugees and immigrants to help them find new life in the United States and in the Kingdom of God.

The Many Faces of Salvation: There Is More than One Way to Reverse the Curse

Tim Ahlen

In Western cultures, Christians talk about salvation in terms of guilt and innocence. But both here in North America and around the rest of the world, there are people who don’t approach sin and salvation in those terms. For example, a person from China views sin as committing a legal crime. If you tell him he is a sinner, he will reject the notion. But if you tell him that his rebellion has brought shame upon himself and his family you will have his attention. And when you tell him that anyone who puts their trust in Jesus will never be put to shame, you have delivered the gospel to him in a way that resonates with his worldview. This breakout session will equip you with six easy to use, culturally contextualized plans of salvation.

Mormonism vs. Christianity

Brady Blevins

This session focuses on the fundamental beliefs of Mormonism and how it differs from the Bible’s message.

Multiculturalism and the Gospel

Tony Mathews

The Bible promises that heaven will include people from every nation and tribe and people and language. Is that the standard for today’s churches, or just a dream to pursue? This breakout session will explore the distinctives of multicultural churches and what it takes to develop a multicultural church.

The Overwhelming Benefits Religion Has On Society

Michael Jones

Religion is often criticized by Hollywood and the media as destructive for society and harmful to humans. But the overwhelming amount of research done on the effects of religion reveals that it is vital for a healthy and thriving society. We will cover the various ways religion is beneficial and how critics of religion distort the facts.

Practical Ministry to Immigrants and Refugees

Kika Jamir

This session focuses on church planting/missionary perspective on reaching out to immigrants and refugees. Kika and his wife Anugla, have planted more than 30 churches in the DFW Metroplex since 2009. All of their church plants focus on ethnic groups whose origins are in Asia and Africa that have migrated to the DFW area.

Sanctity for All of Life: How the Imago Dei impacts the way we care for all stages of life

Ricardo Brambila

Sacred life begins at conception; it continues after birth and extends beyond death into eternity. This breakout session will make a defense for a biblically consistent pro-life perspective from conception to eternity.

Sharing Jesus With Our Catholic Friends

Daniel R. Sanchez

This workshop focuses on equipping Evangelical Christians to share the good news of salvation with their Catholic relatives and friends in such a way that establishes bridges of communication and avoids criticizing, pressuring and alienating them. Through a comparison of what the Catholic Churches teachings about salvation with what the Bible teaches, the workshop participants can learn how to present the good news of salvation in a way that attracts their Catholic friends to the living Christ and be prepared to answer questions in a loving yet informed manner. “Share the truth in love” is a guiding principle in this workshop.

Understanding Culture Through 6 Cultural Lenses

Patty Lane

This session includes a general overview of cultural lenses with an emphasis on how that impacts how we do evangelism with people of a culture different than ours.

Unreached Peoples: Where are they in DFW and how do I share the Gospel with Them?

Thom & Marsha Mackenzie

The DFW metroplex is one of the fastest growing metropolitan centers in the nation. You probably know that. But did you know that 70% of all people moving to the Metroplex are foreign born? Or that there are more than 400 languages spoken in the homes of DFW residents? The question is not, “Do I Have any foreign born people living near me?” Rather, the question is, “Which ones are living near me and how do I share the Gospel with them?” This breakout will be able to answer both questions for you.

Who Did Jesus Think He Was?

Ryan Crews

There are several skeptical scholars, some of whom are very well-known, who try to argue that the Jesus of the Gospels never actually said he was God, saying rather that his deity was invented by the early church at a later date. Ryan will be exploring the basis of this claim and examining the evidence to the contrary.