Chris Pratt: Apologist

Christ Pratt has been a Hollywood Christian and “one of the good ones” since his rise to A-list status. With that level of fame comes certain…compromises. One is being a part of an industry which routinely paints Christians in the worst possible way. However, due to his seemingly universal magnanimity, Pratt has gotten away with wearing his faith on his sleeve on several occasions. One incident I remember was when he received criticism for tweeting he would pray for a sick Kevin Smith. The best part? He did not apologize.

Yesterday, his acceptance speech for the Generations Award at the MTV Movie and TV Awards went viral; and for good reason. It is not an exaggeration to say it was a Christian sermon with the obligatory poop joke an MTV audience would demand. Sure, you would expect to see this kind of a sermon at a Rick Warren-type church, but it was still distinctly Christian.

The fascinating part was that the crowd could not help but cheer at the truth they heard. They could not deny the goodness of God’s love, of prayer, and the value of hard work and humility. This is what apologetics can be like. Knowing your audience, speaking at their level, and bringing truth they cannot deny. Well done, Chris.

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