Evangelism and Apologetics: Mark Mittelberg & Michael Brown

Dr. Brown interviews author, evangelist, and apologist Mark Mittelberg; then hear a discussion of the meaning and importance of repentance in coming into relationship with God.

Listen to the interview HERE.

Hour 1: Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There are lots and lots of questions.  There are lots of people struggling.  There are lots of doubts that arise, but we have answers, for we know the One who is the answer; we have nothing of which to be ashamed.  Let us make the message known: boldly, clearly, and joyfully.  The world needs what we have!

Hour 2: Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We need to get back to the gospel of the scriptures, the gospel of God.  That gospel begins, not in every conversation or situation, but in spirit and in heart, with the message of repentance.  And as we turn to God and ask Him for mercy and forgiveness, saying “Save me from my sins,” we receive the free gift of salvation through the blood of Jesus, which enables us to lead a brand new life.

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