Evangelistic Apologetics

“Christian apologetics has become very popular among 21st Century evangelicals. Unfortunately, it is often enjoyed rather than employed. It is a novelty, or hobby subject for believers who enjoy talking theology and philosophy in the tradition of the Athenian intelligentsia to whom Paul preached in Acts seventeen. When Christian apologetics is employed, it is often misused. Rather than seeking to impact the heart and mind of an individual, a believer who is enamored with Christian defense might use novice approaches to “win” an argument. However, the desire of the church should be for God to win an individual’s heart and mind.”
— Braxton Hunter, Evangelistic Apologetics

“Hunter is a unique combination of a scholar who is also a proven leader in evangelism. He has engaged in countless one-on-one conversations with nonbelievers and has been involved in public debates with scholars.”  — Michael Licona, Houston Baptist University
“I don’t know whether to say that Dr. Braxton Hunter is an apologist with an evangelist’s heart, or an evangelist with an apologist’s intellect.” — Donald Johnson, Author, How to Talk to a Skeptic

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